Vodou Ceremonie -- Les Marassa

There will be a Vodou ritual on December 18, 2010 at 5 p.m.  Since Christmas has become a holiday mostly for children in our culture, our Christmas ritual this year will be for the Marassa.  These are the sacred twins of Vodou where 1+1=3 (complicated concept).  Offerings the Marassa would like would be anything children would like such as candy, soft drinks, cakes, popcorn or toys.  Please do not bring vegetables, thinking children should eat them.  These are spirit children and they are celebrated for being children.  Bringing them something like vegetables is considered an insult.  Since it does take some time for spirit to work, we are doing this ritual about a week before Christmas, so that maybe we can have something special come Christmas morning.  This is an opportunity for the adults to pretend like there is a Santa Claus.  Please wear white and call for directions. (225) 266-7882 For more information, see

Puja for Kali ma

On November 26, 2010 at 5 p.m. (for Thanksgiving) there will be a public ceremony held to honor the Hindu goddess Kali ma. This service is called 'puja' or 'pooja.' Kali ma is alternately known as the Devouring Mother, the Dark Mother, and the Divine Mother. The Temple of the Divine Mother has been formed to be in service to the will of this living goddess. Kali ma is also known as the destroyer and due to this, some are fearful of this aspect of the Mother, however, this concept of destroyer is often sensationalized and oversimplified. Sometimes destruction is called for in this impermanent world and Kali is the force which devours that for which time has come. Some popular focuses for her destructive nature would be destruction of ego, ignorance and illusion. However, there is also the softer side to Kali ma as the mother of Tantra. Appropriate offerings would be red flowers, rice, milk, ghee (which is clarified butter, but if you can't find it, regular butter would be okay. There is a store on Coursey called Fashion India which carries ghee). Kali ma is a fire goddess, so wearing red would be okay but is not required. Please do not wear black. Call for directions. (225) 266-7882 More information can be found at

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My (physical) mom and I were having a talk today. The conversation went something like this:

me: There's another old clip out of Kristine O'Donnell where she says masturbation is adultery.
mom: Well the church does teach against masturbating.
me: That's because it makes you go blind.
mom: Oh, right!

The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom? Pray tell ..... How is that exactly?

Yesterday, I witnessed my mother graduate from college. It was actually pretty amazing when we consider that she was attaining her Bachelor's in 1972, concurrently enrolled with her own mother at the time. It was many years later that she resumed her education in pursuit of a Master's degree. And yesterday, I saw her walk across the stage with her major professor to be awarded the degree of Doctor of Philosophy. It was pretty awesome and something I was greatly looking forward to seeing ..... until the invocation.

Oh, the invocation.

"To fear the Lord is the beginning of wisdom."

He actually said that. A priest from the same church that my brother and I were baptized and my mother married her (3rd) husband in, came into the Pete Maravich Assembly Center and uttered those words.

There is a little switch in my head. When I hear something worthwhile, something exciting, something profound, that switch is on and I'm listening and looking forward to the words that flow into sentences and paragraphs of meaning.

Then there are words like those spoken by the priest yesterday. After hearing words such as those is when that little switch in my head is set for an automatic flip to the off position. And I do believe there is nothing on god's green earth that can make me hear what that person is saying and consider that they might have an ounce or even an inkling of sense between their ears.

After hearing the invoking prayer, I actually had to work a little bit to turn that switch in my head from off to on so that I could listen and enjoy the speech given by Todd Graves, founder of Raisin' Cane's chicken. He was actually a pretty good speaker, if not a good orator, and he had a very inspiring story to relate to the class of 2010. I enjoyed hearing about how he had found a way past the outer cages of Mike the V's confinements, so that he could sit with the tiger and pet him and become friends with him. I also loved hearing about how he spent a year in Alaska to make the money to open his first restaurant. I loved hearing about his tenets for being successful in the business world:

1. Find your one love
2. Don't take no for an answer
3. Be authentic
4. Treat people well
5. Give back to your community.

I also loved hearing his story, after already knowing how much he not only espouses those tenets, but also how he lives by them. His #5 is personified by the parks at city park and the new cage built for Mike VI (in 2005?) It was said that over the course of his career, Raisin' Canes has given back approximately 25% of their profits to the communities which make them successful. All in all, it was a good graduation ceremony.

Except, of course, that goddamn invocation. "To fear the Lord is the beginning of wisdom"? ...... Come see my Goddess for a while, and the unending terror will make a little bit of fear feel like dancing with the angels.

That invocation actually made me think of the movie Legion. Where the opening bible quote in the movie was something like, "Come to me children, and I will teach you the fear of the Lord." I love that quote for some reason, maybe because its spooky and a little unnerving, and maybe because watching that movie made me bleed like a cheap whore who had just been fucked in the rectory in the middle of Sunday morning services.

The fear of the Lord? When I think of "FEAR" and "LORD" in the same sentence with reference to my own goddess?

Well, I'm afraid to say, all that does is make me wet.
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Halloween Vodou ceremony for the Baron Samedi

Currently, there is a Vodou ritual scheduled for Halloween night at 7 p.m., which falls on a Sunday this year.  If you are planning to attend, please bring the appropriate offerings for the Baron Samedi.  Some things he likes are rum, cigars, hot peppers, chicken dishes or other creole foods.  It is also most respectful to wear the colors of spirit, which in this case is black, white and purple or any combination of those three.  The Baron Samedi is the Vodou spirit of sex and resurrection. He is full of wisdom and doesn't mind sharing some of that with us humans. He is also lots of fun and is well loved in South Louisiana. Ceremony is in Baton Rouge, LA. Call for directions.  (225) 266-7882

Classes on Alternative Spiritualities

Temple of the Divine Mother is currently taking reservations for an upcoming schedule of classes. There are 5 spots available in each class at this time. Classes are $20.00 per person which can be paid at attendance. Classes ready to be scheduled include introductories on Buddhism, Vodou (for us Louisianians, we might prefer to spell it "Voodoo"), and Spellcasting (a how-to on Magicks!) Please call 225-266-7882 to reserve your spot.

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Really glad to see debates like this going on out there. If God says we are free to come and go as we please, why should society try to impart thier own fear of the other side onto us?